South African Higher Education Open Data

Higher education data 2009-2015: 26 indicators
Higher education data 2000-2012: 18 indicators
High-level knowledge production data
Data on a differentiated higher education system
South African colleges data

Higher education performance data 2009 to 2015

Data are published as 26 univeristy performance indicators, broadly grouped by student, staff, publications and financial data. All data are from the South African Department of Higher Education and Training’s (DHET) Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS), and from universities' published annual financial statements. Data from HEMIS are checked and, where necessary, corrected by CHET in consultation with DHET prior to publication.


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STUDENTS 2009-2015
01Enrolments (headcount and FTEs)EXCEL
02Average annual growth in headcount enrolments and graduatesEXCEL
03Number of enrolments by qualification typeEXCEL
04Number of enrolments by major field of studyEXCEL
05Number of enrolments by raceEXCEL
06Number of enrolments by genderEXCEL
07Success ratesEXCEL
08Number of graduates by qualification typeEXCEL
09aNumber of graduates by major field of study 2015EXCEL
09bNumber of graduates by major field of study and race 2015EXCEL 
10Weighted graduatesEXCEL
STAFF 2009-2015
11Number of staffEXCEL
12Academic staff by rankEXCEL
13Academic staff by qualificationEXCEL
14Academic staff by raceEXCEL
15Academic staff by genderEXCEL
16Total academic staff FTEEXCEL
17Ratio of student FTEs to staff FTEsEXCEL
18Research outputsEXCEL
19Weighted total research output per academic staff memberEXCEL
FINANCIAL 2009-2015
20Income and expenditureEXCEL
21Surplus/deficit on all activities (as a %)EXCEL
22Sources of income (%)EXCEL
23Research income as a % of block grantEXCEL
24Teaching income as a % of block grantEXCEL
25Personnel costs as a % of total expenditureEXCEL
26Tuition & related fee income per FTE enrolment [NEW]EXCEL


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High level knowledge production data

Data analyses on the inputs and outputs of 4 African universities. The sources of the academic staff and student enrolment and graduate data are:

  • Universities of Ghana and Makerere: data collected by CHET as part of the Herana 2 project.
  • Universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand: (a) SA higher education management information system (HEMIS) data and (b) Herana 2 data.

The data cover the academic years 2008/09 to 2010/11 for Ghana and Makerere and 2008- 2010 for Cape Town and Witwatersrand.

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Visit the CHET website page on knowledge production for a variety of resources and activities on the differentiation debate in South African higher education.


Data on a differentiated higher education system

Data on an analysis of differentiation in the South African public university system based on 6 government policy documents as well as 3 other relevant documents. The fi rst part of CHET’s PPT presentation deals with two issues which arise in these documents. These are:

  1. Why should the SA’s public university system be differentiated?
  2. What are the primary or basic elements of the system? Academic programmes or individual institutions?

The second part of the presentation outlines CHET’s views on how further progress could be made in the South African debates on differentiation in the public university system.

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Download the presentationPDF


Visit the CHET website page on differentiation for a variety of resources and activities on the differentiation debate in South African higher education.


South African colleges data

Further Education and Training (FET) College data

Data on the South African post-secondary eduation sector drawn from the 2012 CHET publication, Shaping the Future of South Africa’s Youth: Rethinking post-school education and skills training.

The full data set is available via Google Public Data. Please visit Google Public Data Help for instructions on the use of this tool.


Shaping the Future of South Africa's Youth
Rethinking post-school education and skills training

ISBN: 978-1-920489-46-5
Publication date: May 2012

Order this publication on Amazon
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Responding to the Educational Needs of Post-School Youth
Determining the Scope of the Problem and Developing a Capacity-Building Model

ISBN: 978-1-920355-27-2
Publication date: 2009




Data visualisation gallery

This gallery contains visualisations from the HEMIS data, from CHET publications and from presentations made by CHET. Visualisations include graphs, infographics and illustrations, and are presented according to themes such as "Funding", "Knowledge Production", "Differentiation", etc. View the gallery.

SA higher education performance data 2000 to 2012

Online performance indicator data that enables university councils to better assess their performance relative to DHET targets, to their own institutional targets and to the performance of their peers. This data tool is also of use to higher education researchers, analysts, policy-makers and other decision-makers seeking a more detailed, empirically based picture of South African higher education.


  • Open data from HEMIS – no access or subscription fees
  • Data cleaned and verified
  • Data across 20 performance indicators
  • Annual updates
  • Comparisons for up to four institutions
  • Graphs generated on the fly
  • Data downloadable as Excel spreadsheets
  • Glossary of terms specific to each graph created
  • Commenting and error reporting


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CHET data and databses are made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License: