Provision, Differentiation and Pathways

Provision, Differentiation and Pathways
A study of post-schooling in the Western Cape
J Papier, C Sheppard, S Needham and N Cloete

The emergence of standpoints which argue that vocational education has a responsibility to provide both the basis for further learning in higher education as well as workplace preparation, have gained ground in South Africa. But this kind of integrated approach has proven difficult in the South African situation, with the vocational qualifications falling short on the side of practical training, and theoretical components being emphasised to the detriment of the qualification value in the workplace.

Provision, Differentiation and Pathways: A study of post-schooling in the Western Cape seeks to sharpen our understanding of what currently exists, and to contribute to a more coherent data repository upon which deliberations around the future configuration of public post-school provision could be based. Nationally there is concern with the limited access to information on options for further and higher education and training, particularly for peri-urban and rural youth. Apart from improving knowledge of what opportunities exist in post-schooling across the Western Cape Province through a comprehensive mapping of learning opportunities for youth, other issues that affect the post-school system and often serve to frustrate the attempts of those seeking opportunities are highlighted. Unresolved matters associated with post-school policies, like articulation, differentiation, and recognition of prior learning, were considered critical areas for investigation, since they potentially impact on access and pathways to learning.

This book aims to provide a window into issues that are critical to creating a diverse, comprehensive and differentiated post-school system responsive to the demands for access, skills development for economic growth, and in service of communities.